The Macro Economic Policy Analysis Directorate provides the basis for economically-sensitive fiscal projections, submitted to the Budget Affairs Division during the bi-annual budgetary forecasts. The Taxation and Benefits Policy Analysis Directorate estimates the financial impact of specific budget measures and contributes to the National Reform Programme, ensuring a comprehensive approach to budgetary planning.

Our vision fundamentally shapes the way we approach economic policy. By prioritizing well-being, we are committed to creating policies that not only foster economic growth but also enhance the overall quality of life for individuals. Our services go beyond traditional economic indicators; we integrate considerations for social welfare and economic development into our policy recommendations. Our vision ensures that economic policies are not just about numbers but are centered around the well-being of every individual, contributing to a more holistic and sustainable approach to economic governance. We also believe that our contribution to the policy dimension depends crucially on the contribution of our professional staff and we are committed to support their well-being, including their mental-health, and support their personal and professional development.

The Economic Policy Department plays a pivotal role in providing expert advice on economic policy matters, including fiscal policy, taxation, structural reforms, and financial stability. We collaborate with experts within the Ministry and other entities on policy formulation, offering data-driven insights, economic modelling, and strategic input to enhance the effectiveness of proposed policies.