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Financial Policy Analysis Directorate

The Financial Policy Analysis Directorate’s main purpose is to provide leadership in matters concerning financial affairs especially policy and legislative initiatives related to the financial sector and the monitoring of financial conditions, whilst contributing to the maintenance of financial and economic stability, identification and management of related potential risks as well as assessment of implications to Government and public finances stemming from the financial sector.

One of the main objectives of the Directorate is to oversee policy and legislation on the regulation of the financial sector, particularly those stemming from initiatives within the scope of the EU Financial Union and which also comprise proposals under the Banking Union and the Capital Markets Union.
The Directorate also has the objective of monitoring the financial conditions in the economy from a macro-prudential perspective in support of the other national agencies involved. The Financial Policy Analysis Directorate represents Government, and where applicable assist its representatives, with/on inter-agency initiatives on matters relating to banking and financial sector supervision, assessment, risk and stress-testing, including the overview and, where appropriate, the design of indicators based dashboard/s as well as in the development of domestic frameworks for financial stability, crisis management and the use of stabilisation tools.
The Financial Policy Analysis Directorate represents Malta’s interests at EU level in relation to financial services issues while promoting measures at an EU and international level to encourage growth and employment, including through the development of EU policy and legislation on banking and financial sector issues. The Directorate also has the objective of monitoring access to finance for enterprises, assisting the Government to facilitate enterprises’ access to finance and also to monitor and examine the state of the financial industry in Malta.